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XPZ Cogged Metric Belts to DIN7753

V-belt XPZ 646

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Technical Information

Inside length
608 mm
Datum length
646 mm
Outer length
659 mm
XPZ 646 Lw
9,7 x 8 mm
Lower belt width
4,2 mm
Datum width
8,5 mm
Minimal pulley diameter
56 mm
0,04 kg
-30°C … +70°C
Resistant against mineral oils in temporary contact

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"V-Belts are cost effective drive elements who withstands high shock load. V-belts are maintenance-free and quiet. Cogged Metric Belts like XPZ, are designed for compact, high power drives and high shock loading on short centers and small diameters.
Beside the V-belt XPZ, we have got high-performance narrow V-belts, hex belts, high-performance-wedge-belts, automotive belts etc. on stock! We deliver further special types for your application such as transportation drive-belt, hole drive-belt, subdividing drive-belt etc., on enquiry."